Sponsorship Package Includes:

  • Your business will be mentioned during the event
  • Your business logo added to the event registration thank you page
  • Your business cards or brochures will be placed on the sponsor table
  • Your Investment: Donate $45 or more to our featured charity OR donate $25 or more to our featured charity AND donate a gift for our giveaway valued at $25 or more

Vendor Package Includes:

  • Vendor table at event
  • Retractable banner at event (max size 34" x 80")
  • Your business will be mentioned during the event
  • Your business logo added to the event registration thank you page
  • Your Investment: Donate $145 or more to our featured charity 

NOTE: April is National Autism Awareness Month


They provide support of non-verbal, underprivileged children, diagnosed with autism finding their voices through assistive technology

Networking is a vital aspect of business success, and attending networking events can be an excellent way for business owners to connect with others in their industry, make new contacts, and learn from experts. Our upcoming networking event provides a unique opportunity for business owners to do just that.

Our event will feature guest speakers who are industry leaders and experts in their fields. These speakers will educate attendees on various topics essential to business success, such as marketing, sales, finance, and operations. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, these speakers will provide business owners with valuable insights and strategies to help them improve their businesses and reach their goals.

Interactive networking opportunities will also be available at our event. Through group discussions, roundtable sessions, and other activities, business owners will have the chance to connect with one another, build relationships, and engage in a fun and relaxed setting. This kind of interaction is crucial for business owners looking to grow their professional network and make new connections.

The topics discussed by our guest speakers will be relevant and timely, providing practical advice and actionable steps that business owners can take to improve their businesses and reach their goals. Whether it's increasing profits, expanding their customer base, or enhancing their operations, our speakers will have the answers. Our event will be packed with valuable information and actionable tips that can help business owners grow their businesses and achieve success.

Attending our networking event will be a unique and memorable experience for business owners. Not only will they have the opportunity to learn from experts and connect with other business owners, but they will also have the chance to do so in a supportive and engaging environment. Whether business owners are looking to improve their skills, gain new insights, or simply network with other professionals, our event will provide the perfect platform for success.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to network, learn, and grow your business. Register today!

When you register for the event, please indicate if you are interested in becoming an event sponsor, vendor, or just interested in attending. We will follow up with an email or text with more information depending on your selection.

Tva has been connecting individuals and businesses with the resources they need for more than 20 years, earning her the nickname, “connect.com!” Tva has turned her sharp business acumen and passion for people into an effervescent business. Tva is creating countless successful business partnerships on an international scale,

TVA Parks -  Connect Central Corporation

LVGEA supports start-ups, relocations or expansions in the Las Vegas market with many services depending on the business needs. As the state-sanctioned regional economic development authority and a community-supported nonprofit. Brooke will be speaking about the economic development services offered free of charge.

Brooke Malone - Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

Vicki has mastered the nuances of running a successful business. She possesses 22 years’ experience starting and running successful businesses, including a law LLC and several advertising agencies. Vicki will be speaking about how to run a complaint business in Nevada and tricks to leverage your network

Vicki Greco - Silent G Consulting LLC

Guy Dawson is the Founder & Executive Director of the Cause Marketing Chamber of Commerce, a non profit organization that brings for profit and non profit businesses together to create synergistic relationships that benefit the community. Guy will be speaking about the value of supporting worthy causes and business success

Guy Dawson - Cause Marketing Chamber of Commerce

Serving others has been my life calling and it’s what gives me the most joy. What motivated me the most to start my accounting firm was one and one thing only; to serve individuals and businesses. My company strives to make a difference not just to serve but also to educate. I will be speaking on Tips to Reduce Business Debt and Increase Revenue

Rezella McDonald - McDonald Bookkeeping Services

My mission is to help small business owners leverage proven marketing strategies and systems in their business in order to reach more people, grow your business, and dominate your competition. I will be speaking on how businesses can leverage automations to take your business to the next level by saving you more time and effort and increase revenue

Shaun Maddox - Marketing Out The Box